Business Transactions

Starting or running a business can be a hard thing to do.

Or maybe you are interested in buying or selling a business.

For all your business legal needs, Ruggieri P.C. has the experience and knowledge to bring you to the next level.

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Business services include:

  • New Entity Formation to include Corporations and LLCs, assisting in obtaining S corp tax filing status; drafting stockholder’s, operating agreements, and bylaws; trademark registration; and other related documents and filings
  • Business purchases and sales in the form of transfers of stock or LLC interests and the appropriate filings associated with each
  • Asset purchase and sales contracts, lien searches, bills of sale, promissory notes, and other related documents and filings
  • Secured agreements for transactions
  • Non-for-profit organization, state tax exempt status, and filing for IRS 503 status
  • Working with major franchisors or creating franchise agreements for your business
  • Other business-related services
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Real Estate Transactions

The Real Estate market is constantly changing and evolving.

Buying or selling your home, an investment property, or commercial real estate can be complicated.

Let Ruggieri P.C. leverage their skills in real estate law to your advantage on your next transaction.

Real Estate services include:

  • Representation for a residential purchase & sales to include title review, drafting deeds and other necessary documents, mortgage review, and attending the closing
  • Commercial purchase & sales to include contract drafting and review, title review, due diligence assistance, land trusts, and attend the closing
  • Investment property purchase & sales to include cash or installment sales, consecutive sales, and investment portfolio sales
  • Leasing & Management Agreements for residential and commercial spaces
  • Other real estate services as needed

Criminal & Traffic Defense

The criminal justice system is sometimes scary and difficult to navigate.

You need to make sure your rights are protected and you that are treated with respect.

Ruggieri P.C. is proficient and concise when guiding clients through the system and stands ready to fight for them in court.

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Criminal and Traffic defense services include:

  • Municipal ordinance defense to include underage drinking, possession of alcohol, presenting a fake ID, or other fine only municipal code violations
  • Traffic violations from petty offenses to driving while suspended or revoked
  • DUI Arrests resulting in misdemeanor or felony DUI charges, statutory summary suspensions, mandatory jail time, and license suspension or revocation
  • Domestic disputes resulting in battery or domestic battery charges, no contact conditions, and orders of protection
  • Other serious misdemeanor and felony offenses

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